At OTTO FINN, we transform old blankets into the centerpiece of your capsule wardrobe.  


Consciously Made

We empower our customers to embrace their individuality distinctly, comfortably and consciously. We make our jackets by using colorful, upcycled kanthas with intricate hand-stitching. It is a wearable piece of art and the centerpiece for a capsule wardrobe. Kanthas are quilts traditionally from the Bengali region made from old saris or other discarded cloth with a running stitch.

OTTO FINN is an Asian American woman run art practice. Our pieces are one of a kind and made by a small team of creators in Pittsburgh, PA, who are always mindful of our resources. We believe in minimum waste, maximum comfort and authenticity.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Embodying a clean, modern, and natural aesthetic, OTTO FINN carefully considers a range of high quality & sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled or upcycled cotton, and flax linen to provide products that prove timeless for our customers. Conscious of our impact on the planet, we strive to be environmentally responsible through our fabrics, our water based inks, and our packaging.

OTTO FINN has achieved the requirements for the Bronze designation from the SWPA Sustainable Small Business Designation Program.


Culturally Inspired

Our founder, Rona’s bicultural background and experience growing up in Taiwan and New York City developed her openness to the cultural exchange of ideas. Likewise, during her extensive experience working in a museum environment, and working with and visiting many art collections developed her style at OTTO FINN, which emphasizes textiles with stories and bold prints. The Japanese woodblock prints and Indian paintings in the Asian Art department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art have served as a source of inspiration ever since she worked with them.

Locally made

All our designs are sewn in house, by the small but mighty team at Why Sews, or the workforce at East End Cooperative Ministries.