At OTTO FINN, we transform old blankets into the centerpiece of your capsule wardrobe.  


Consciously Made

At OTTO FINN, we are passionate about transforming vintage blankets into wearable pieces of art. Our jackets are handcrafted using colorful kanthas, traditional quilts from the Bengal region, with intricate hand-stitching. Each jacket is named after one of our heroines and features a reversible design and gender-neutral sizing, inspired by Asian street style. Our goal is to create statement pieces that become the centerpiece of a capsule wardrobe.
As an Asian American woman-led art practice based in Pittsburgh, PA, we are dedicated to sustainable fashion. With our small team, we cut and sew each piece with minimum waste, prioritizing comfort and authenticity. OTTO FINN offers unique, one-of-a-kind designs for conscious consumers who value sustainability and seek distinctive foundational pieces. By choosing OTTO FINN, customers can embrace eco-friendly fashion that reflects their creativity.


Earth-Friendly Practices

At OTTO FINN, we prioritize using second-market materials, giving previously used fibers more life. Second-market materials refer to previously existing, used fibers that  that are sourced and repurposed to give them a second life. Our unique sustainable approach embraces second-market materials by extending the lifespan of these fibers by giving them a third life as jackets and a fourth life as accessories. These materials are repurposed multiple times, therefore reducing waste, and contributing to a more sustainable and circular fashion economy. We also use sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled/upcycled cotton, and flax linen, further emphasizing our commitment to the environment. We use eco-friendly packaging. We're honored to have earned the SWPA Sustainable Small Business Bronze designation.


Culturally Inspired

Rooted in our founder Rona's bicultural background and her experiences growing up in Taiwan and New York City, OTTO FINN embraces a rich cultural exchange of ideas. Rona's extensive work with museum collections and exposure to diverse art collections, particularly the Japanese woodblock prints and Indian paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, have deeply influenced our style, emphasizing textiles with stories and bold prints.


Locally made

All our designs are meticulously handcrafted in-house by our dedicated small team.