Kantha Scrap Flat Zip Pouch (14 available)

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Embrace style and eco-consciousness with our Kantha Scrap Flat Zip Pouch. Handcrafted from the remnants of our jacket production, these pouches bring new life to every scrap of Kantha fabric.

Practicality meets elegance in this versatile accessory. Safeguard your school supplies, art essentials, makeup, or electronic cords in organized fashion. The flat design slips effortlessly into any bag, while the secure zip keeps your belongings intact.

Make a statement in sustainability while staying organized. Elevate your everyday with the Kantha Scrap Flat Zip Pouch. Your choice for a greener and more organized lifestyle.

A refers to the "front" side, B refers to the "back" side of each bag.

Size: Approximately 9 x 4.25"