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The "Norah" Jacket pays homage to the renowned musician Norah Jones, whose soulful blend of jazz, country, and pop melodies warms our hearts. Born in vibrant New York City, Jones embarked on her jazz journey shortly after graduating from the University of North Texas. Norah Jones embodies determination, infusing light and soul into our everyday lives.

Crafted with vintage indigo-dyed kanthas, traditional quilts hailing from the Bengali region, each Norah Jacket is a distinctive piece designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort. These quilts, with their vintage origins, may bear the marks of time—wear, distress, stains, and discolorations, adding to their unique charm. These jackets are not only reversible but also offer gender-neutral sizing, boasting a silhouette influenced by the aesthetics of Asian street style. The oversized kimono-style jacket comes complete with generously sized pockets, perfect for carrying essentials such as snacks, lip balm, your phone, and even a wallet.

Our Norah jackets are a testament to sustainability, made with a commitment to eco-friendly materials and crafted in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. At Otto Finn, we take pride in being a women-led team dedicated to the cause of sustainable fashion.

Sizing: Designed with inclusivity in mind, our gender-neutral sizing ranges from XXS-XXL, S offers a fit similar to an oversized women's M. For precise measurements, please refer to our size chart.

Care Instructions: Rest assured, the fabric has been pre-washed for your convenience. To maintain the jacket's condition, we recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle with cold water. Let it air dry, and if necessary, use a warm iron as needed.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Norah Jacket, where vintage elegance meets contemporary style. Otto Finn invites you to explore a realm where significance and values take center stage.