XL Faith Jacket LXL003

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The Faith Jacket, an homage to the esteemed African American artist, Faith Ringgold, renowned for her captivating narrative quilts and profound influence during the Harlem Renaissance. Raised in Harlem, NY, Ringgold's work is imbued with political themes reflective of her upbringing and cultural heritage.

Crafted from vintage quilts, the Faith Jacket offers a unique blend of comfort and style. Each piece is meticulously designed for maximum comfort and versatility. While not reversible, this jacket embraces a silhouette inspired by the timeless aesthetics of Asian street style, featuring an oversized haori design with ample pockets to accommodate all your essentials, from snacks to your phone.

At Otto Finn, every jacket bears the name of a distinguished heroine, embodying our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. Proudly made in Pittsburgh, PA, our women-led team utilizes sustainably sourced materials, ensuring each creation aligns with our values.

Size: Gender neutral - XL, offering a fit akin to a women’s oversized XXL.

Fabric: Vintage quilt.

Care: Quilt has been pre-washed. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Line dry and warm iron as needed.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Faith Jacket, where homage to cultural icons meets contemporary fashion sensibilities. Otto Finn invites you to embrace a narrative of empowerment and heritage with each wear.